Get support for your creative pursuits as you enter Web3.

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DEADLINE: 10.31.2021

The mission of this Fellowship is to reduce the barriers to entry (programming skills, deployment/minting costs, launch platform) of getting started exploring this new medium of expression and living for artists. If you’re an artist looking to learn how to make and launch generative NFT projects, you should apply to the first cohort of the Rabbit Fellowship.

  1. Work with you to teach you enough programming skills to develop your own generative NFT project.

  2. Help you develop the smart contract and a minting site.

  3. Cover at least some of the costs of deploying the smart contract and a minting site.

  4. Launch your Project through Encryptoland, with some proceeds going into a Treasury that will help pay it forward to future Fellows.

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DEADLINE: 10.26.2021

A program providing access into FWB DAO (digital cooperative), awarded on the basis of artistic merit and need, prioritizing underrepresented communities. Our goal is to support FWB’s membership by attracting and nurturing those who embody our vision of creativity, curiosity, and collaboration - regardless of medium.

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