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taramoves presents: Music Videos You Should Drop What You're Doing to Watch (unless what you're doing is important, in which case no worries)

FKA twigs - sad day


Some of the coolest choreography/concept/execution I've seen. Released August 28th, 2020. 

FKA Twigs has some other really incredible music videos. She is the most athletic musical artist I may have ever seen. Her videos are traditionally production focused gorgeous physical feats combined with interesting VFX concepts, and this most recent video uses these effects in service of a compelling narrative and frankly, it's just cool to watch. You can also see the leveling up in production value from 2015, but the 15 minute m3LL155X shows FKA twigs was coming with the ideas & execution for a very long time.

Released August 7th, 2020, this nearly 17 minute short film paints is a cinematic achievement with standouts in costume design and cinematography and production honestly. Standout all around. This video was my first encounter with Rimon and it definitely won me over deeply.


According to the Youtube description:

'What They Called Me' is the visual counterpart to RIMONs sophomore EP 'I Shine, U Shine'. Her debut short film tells the story of RIMON on a journey of self-discovery, struggling with finding and accepting her own path in life. Navigating through tumultuous relationships, consistently losing herself by adapting in the most extreme ways - battling unspoken childhood traumas in the process. A masterclass in self-acceptance; showcasing the value of claiming your own identity.

Unlocked by Denzel Curry came out February 6th while I was on a really insane trip to Los Angeles. I went to the theatrical release event because I saw someone post it and was really looking to maximize my LA experience. How glad I am. This 23 minute animated music video takes us on a virtual mission to recover leaked music files and showcases a range of animation talent.

Directed by Jack Bergert & Christian Sutton and featuring animators Mike Manor, Sam Hochman, Joey Prosser, Forrest Whaley, Justin Johnson, Chaz Bottoms, Malik Bolton, and Rachel Headlam, with a standout very stylish final video by Borboev Shakhnazer, and Asekov Tilek for 'Cosmic'.m4a.

This isn't Denzel Curry's first animation visual release.  He also voiced Ezekiel in the highly recommendable anime Carole and Tuesday.


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