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I.D.C.A.S. (Lyric Video)

I.D.C.A.S. is the first single off Heno's 2021 album D.A.T.B. (Death Ain't That Bad) and the second part of the Free Bird narrative arc concepted by Oakland based creative director AroMa.


I directed this video to be a punchy, high contrast vision of a bird soaring through an open landscape, staying in deliberate motion as it approaches the sea, the sky, and the abyss; the cage where it was once held captive faded into distant memory.


This video was created using Procreate, Adobe Illustrator, Resolume, and Adobe After Effects with illustration support by Yosef Gebre. 

IDCAS single cover.png

Cover Art

BIRD COLLAGE final.png

Promotional Art


Concept Render

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