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Tara Rose Morris is an artist of mixed Desi descent who combines her background in painting, film, and media theory to explore digital bodies as public performance and avatars of identity.

Her work exists in conversation with recent technological developments including advanced AI, the metaverse, and ubiquitous surveillance systems, questioning how these developments have revolutionized our relationships to ourselves and others.

She speaks to these themes through immersive experiences, animations, digital art, and narrative works. Her artwork has been screened as films, single-channel video installations, and live visuals for musicians including Latashá, Kilo Kish, Heno., and Mick Jenkins. Passionate about education, she has taught film and emerging creative technologies in the Bay Area and Toronto since 2013 and spearheaded the first NFT Oakland festival.  

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2023 Masters of Science, SCI-ARC, Los Angeles

2017 Bachelor of Arts, Pomona College, Claremont, CA



2023 “Glimpse the Singularity” New World Nomads

2022 Crux “222” Zoratopia @ Miami Art Week

2022 “House Party” Smartbomb’s Loud Cinema

2022 “Manifesting Magic” Umba Daima Evolution 2022

2022 Heno. “In Another Parallel Timeline...” Zora

2022 Heno. “GAMBIT Lyric Video” Zora

2022 Forrest Mortifee “Fairies” FWB Fellows Exhibition

2021 “House Party” FWB Fellows Exhibition

2021 Amina Yasmin “Flow Space” Meta Masquerade

2020 Aroma’s “Pastures” Bandcamp Live

2019 “SEEDS” Summit Conference

2019 “MOVES” Gray Area Showcase, San Francisco, California, USA




2023 Avaissance Residency by ArtonAvax, Online

2022 Focal Point Residency, Negril, Jamaica

2022 Focal Point Residency, Joshua Tree, CA

2022 FWB Fellowship, Online




2022 NBC Bay Area - NFT Oakland Block Party

2022 Oddity Magazine Issue #2

2021 KQED - With the ‘Moves’ NFT Series, Visual Artists and Musicians Lift Each Other Up

2020 - Moodring Radio - Glum

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